so what exactly is a misal? it is 

a dish for the humble and wealthy,
made from tempered sprouts healthy.
farsaan and sev wavy,
dunked in tastiest gravy.
a riot of colours,
a melee of flavours.
it is not at all a vice,
to enjoy all this spice.
but remember, if it’s to be tasty,
you got to come to masti.

misal, a simple word which doesn’t have a literal companion in any other language apart from its native origin marathi. if one tried to explain the meaning hidden in that word, then probably the description below comes a bit closer to the real essence of the riot of flavours that a good misal is.
misal is a quintessentially maharashtrian dish, a sort of comfort food which is humble, tasty, crunchy, spicy and healthy, all at the same time. It is a combination of various spices and every town or region in maharashtra has its own version of misal. it can be had any time of the day, just as a snack or even as a full meal. it can have sprouts of your choice or just gravy or both along with crunchy additions like sev, chivda and farsaan. It is usually served hot along with with pao or sliced bread.


many eateries across maharashtra have made their mark serving this dish and are well known for their distinctive taste. so what does a good misal taste like? we urge you to visit  a “masti misal” branch nearest to you and try it out at the earliest.

ours is a chain of excusive misal eateries which are full of masti.

about us

in aug-2014, two friends came together in pune to start a food business; one a seasoned f&b expert from dadar catering college and the other an avid investor. the idea was to create a brand which would give an unparalleled experience in eating a humble maharashtrian dish viz. misal.

today we have a chain of clean and hygienic misal eateries where people enjoy their misal. our unique combo dishes with curd rice as well as jamun shots are very popular among our patrons. special care is taken in preparing our jain variants of the dishes which are also widely acclaimed.

we were the silver sponsors of the “misal mahotsav” held in pune in Oct-2016 and are now a known name in the misal-circuit of not just pune, but even in mumbai where we served our misal to over 2500 marathoners in jun-2017 at the tarblazer21.1 half-marathon. after a lot of thinking and experimenting with numerous trials and prototypes, we are going to launch products for misal lovers in india and abroad, because we firmly believe that “masti misal” is the future of the misal industry. now open to franchising, we invite you to become a part of our enterprise.